Cancel Everything

Ryan Adams' album release has been cancelled, and the FBI opened an inquiry following a NY Times report on the artist's treatment of women.

The 61st Grammy Awards

After last year’s #GrammysSoMale disaster, the Recording Academy invited some 900 new members - all under 40, women, or people of color, in an attempt to stay relevant. At this year’s ceremony, it showed. Performances at the ceremony by women – Janelle Monáe, Brandi Carlile, Dolly Parton, and Alicia Keys’ dual host/performer role – carried the telecast. Wins by Kacey Musgraves, Cardi B, and Childish Gambino signal a shift in taste among Academy members. Unfortunately, it may all be too little, too late. Childish Gambino didn’t even bother showing up to accept his award for Record Of The Year. Drake, after appearing from a backstage door, accepted his award with the enthusiasm one might expect as if he were picking up his laundry from the dry cleaner. In his speech, he told artists, “You don’t need this right here” before he was cut off. This year the crisis isn’t outrage, it’s indifference.

Je Ne Sais Quoi

JNSQ is a wine label with a line of rosé and sauvignon blanc, packaging inspired by vintage French perfume bottles with resealable glass stoppers for reusability, and an ad campaign “She’s got that… JNSQ” (JNSQ stands for je ne sais quoi). If this all sounds like something made in a lab to specifically target affluent millennial women, that’s because it was. The brand was conceived and brought to market in little under a year by The Wonderful Company. They also own Pom, Teleflora, and Fiji Water, a brand that bottles, imports and sells free water at a premium. Expect to see this stuff everywhere this summer.

A Writing Machine

One of the most common ways people use AI on a day-to-day basis is through predictive text – when Gmail or iMessage tries to finish your sentence for you. This not particularly profound or useful software feature belies the remarkable and concerning research happening in AI language modeling, as a new paper by OpenAI shows. Given a prompt, their algorithm will spit out a persuasive essay. Occasionally, they’re persuasive enough to pass as written by a person. The researchers were so startled by the realness of the text generated that, unlike nearly every other AI software tool developed, they’re not releasing it to the public. Read the paper here.




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