The Best Of 2018

Marketing Factory's Best of 2018

Say what you will about 2018, this year produced truly great music. More specifically, incredibly talented artists created some of the best works in recent memory, and for that we will be forever grateful.

Here are our favorites from this year:


Mac Miller - Swimming

Happy to see Mac continue to evolve as an artist on 'Swimming'. Mac left too early, but gave us a funky Tiny Desk Concert to remember him. Rest easy, Mac.

-- Lauren Coons, Producer


Kodak Black  - Dying To Live

A soulful look into the struggles of a rising star trying to find his way from a troubled past to a bright future while staying true to his convictions.

-- Max Wilt, Production Manager


Cardi B  - Invasion Of Privacy

I usually don't like big pop hit albums, but I love this record. It oozes the Bronx. 

-- Matt Pennington, Creative Director


Childish Gambino  - This Is America

You know why.

-- Heather Healy, Executive Producer


Paul McCartney  - ACL Music Festival

My fave performance is always my little boys when I arrive home... but the best MUSICAL performance this year was Macca at ACL Fest. Just being in the presence of a Beatle is a rare treat. The over the top moment for me was the 3+ hours I spent watching Sir Paul’s private soundcheck late one afternoon prior to the festival weekend. Awesome!!!

-- David Brunetto, Tour Manager


Sade  - The Big Unknown

Why? because it's SADE! Her voice is like a piece of heaven. her last album was released in 8 years ago, in 2010 - she released 2 song this year - so its been a long time and its beautiful & dark & soulful. And this is a sign that there is even better stuff coming soon.

-- Natasha Hamidi, VP Finance + HR


Unknown Mortal Orchestra  - Hunnybee

It’s a BOP! Hard to not be in a good mood when listening.

-- Cristina Fernandez, Creative Assistant


Anderson .Paak  - Oxnard

Another coastal hit. Love him. This record is great.

-- Sydney Lindberg, Producer


The Rolling Stones - No Filter Tour, Marseille

I saw the Stones in France. What eles is there to say?

-- Rob Tonkin, Founder / CEO


The Beastie Boys Book

This long time fan thought she knew just about everything there was to know about them but I walked away with some new knowledge. So well done that I felt I was eavesdropping on two longtime friends reminiscing about the past… recalling the good and bad, the insane and the more insane moments of their lives together. The conversation was entertaining and heartbreaking. With enough stories to do a volume 2, I hope they decide to tour again.

-- Amy Stevens, Creative Director


boy pablo  - Soy Pablo

The songs on this project are all very simple and catchy, making for an easy listen from beginning to end.

-- Tony Gaebel, Digital + Social Coordinator


Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer

Even though it is set in a post-apocalyptic android world, Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer addresses some very 2018 feelings. In order to determine who she is and where she belongs, Monáe’s character must reject a digitally-manufactured and pristinely-packaged version of reality. Monáe created an “emotion picture” accompaniment that is a visually-stunning pop paradise, equal parts saccharine and soulful. Monáe’s smooth delivery allows her to speak truth to power in a calm, assured manner, so that we firmly believe her when she proclaims in the fifth track, “You fucked the world up now, we’ll fuck it all back down.” Maybe it’s not all okay yet, but with women like Monáe leading the way - we’re going to be fine.

-- Sam Gafvert, Executive Assistant

What stuck out to you this year? Reply to this thread or email with your favorite album, song or performance and we'll include in our next edition.




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