Everyone's Fyred

The government's been shut down for 27 days and Cardi B has HAD ENOUGH YALL!

Fyre Fight

This week we were blessed with not one but TWO investigative documentaries on the ill-fated Fyre Festival. How these two competing films came to be is an interesting story in itself, but let’s step back and remember why there’s so much interest in this story. A con man swindled investors and defrauded would be attendees, many of whom shelled out five-figure payments, by spending the money on a massive influencer ad campaign and never bothering to actually produce the festival. It’s an absolutely insane story. So, which of the two docs should you watch? Both!

Very Personal Branding

“Corporations are people, my friend” someone famously once said. They certainly act like it on Twitter. More and more brands are abandoning the nebulous “we,” instead wielding the much more intimate “I.” Netflix, HBO, and MTV all cast aside “the brand” and adopt the persona of an Extremely Online Millennial. Wendy’s picks fights in the comments. Steak-umm, a meat subsidiary of a major food conglomerate, starts beef online. At least it's a break from the usual corporate ad speak.

Digital Detritus

Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series Tidying Up is such a hit that thrift stores nationwide are overwhelmed with donations. She’s sparked a moment of reflection on our relationship with our stuff. No such moment has arrived for our digital clutter, despite a far more urgent crisis. We are awash in a digital sea of notifications, feeds, tasks, and screens engineered to hijack our attention. Cal Newport suggests a 30-day digital detox in his new book. The chances of that are slim. Ripping away the devices, even temporarily, is much, much more challenging than tossing out some old clothes.




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