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Chance The Rapper announced his purchase of Chicagoist in a new single, in what is certainly the coolest media acquisition announcement of all time.


This summer has seen several major US music festivals cancelled or retired amid an oversaturated market. What's the best way to compete in such a market? Have it curated and run by a big name artist. Some of the fastest growing new festivals are artist run. Post Malone, Tyler The Creator, and Chance The Rapper demonstrate what the success looks like. Having a big name at the helm has other benefits. When Philadelphia's mayor abruptly revoked Made In America's permit for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway site, festival founder Jay-Z penned an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer ripping the decision. The backlash to the mayor's office came with a vengeance, and they're now in damage control.


Owned festivals are appealing to brands, too. Marriott, for example, see owned festivals as a major opportunity to grow the already extensive role music plays for their brands. Starting this September, notable W Hotel locations will act as venues for Wake Up Call, a traveling three-day event with the sort of lineup and trappings of a typical major music festival. The value proposition is simple for Marriott. Tickets for the event are purchased with room packages, so it's not just an exercise in brand building, they're also making money. And they won't have to compete with a saturated field of other sponsors - they're simply not having any other brands there.


Owning Netflix stock is a hell of a ride. The price has doubled in the past six months, then dropped 10% this week on a new earnings and subscriber growth report. So then, what's behind the volatility? There's a strong case that Netflix's future is essentially binary: Netflix will either become THE dominant media company, or it will fold up shop. In other words, the stock is either massively under-priced, or worthless, and the current value is a pricing of the probability between those two outcomes. Read more on this binary dynamic here, and why subscriber growth is oh so important here.



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