The Pulitzer Prize-Winning DAMN.

DAMN. Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer Prize. Previous awards have only been given for classical or jazz work.


There is a simmering debate about the ideology of music festivals - "the idea that musicians exist to perform in service of a greater vibe” - and its impact on culture. The nexus of this ideology is Coachella, a place "where music is secondary to casual hedonism and faux bohemia.” A place where the institution is the draw and the performers are interchangeable. A place where brand activations matter… some as much as the music itself. Coachella represents the festival experience homogenized for purchase. Beyoncé, however, completely smashed this ideology, in what is being touted as the most memorable modern festival performance ever. She is not interchangeable. She brought her own brand - Beychella. And never before has the festival's second weekend been such a hot ticket. Ain’t that a bitch?


Stoners have a lot to celebrate this 4/20. Decriminalization and legalization are spreading state to state, growers are developing an entire galaxy of new strains, and a budding new industry is primed for the mainstream. Leading the charge is MedMen, the first weed unicorn -  as in a cannabis retail organization worth over $1 billion with a “B." If you've never been to one of their locations and are picturing some dark headshop vibe, you’ve got the wrong idea. MedMen is often compared to mainstream retail giants, claiming the title of "the Starbucks / Apple store of weed." Their growth has been exponential, and they plan to take the company public soon. Today, they opened a shop in Manhattan. No, New York has not legalized marijuana beyond medicinal use, but MedMen doubts it'll have to wait long for that to change. Happy 4/20.


"A friend will help you move, a good friend will help you move a body." A new study finds that friends have more in common than shared tastes and demographic similarities. "The brains of close friends respond in remarkably similar ways as they view a series of short videos." In fact, the pattern was so strong that researchers could predict how close friends are based on people's brain scans. The research provides a glimmer of evidence for something impossible to quantify, despite its scientific name: chemistry.



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