The only thing bigger than Coachella?


This week, Mark Zuckerberg participated in a classic American spectacle: the good 'ole Congressional grilling. Mr. Zuckerberg comported himself better than most of his congressional interrogators, and Facebook's stock rebounded accordingly. Given the current political climate, it seems unlikely that any immediate action will result from the hearings. But what would this action look like? One option is regulation. Even Mr. Zuckerberg is open to this. Perhaps that's because the second option would be much more painful to Facebook: an antitrust breakup. It didn't help that Mr. Zuckerberg had difficulty with the question, "Who's your biggest competitor?" Who IS Facebook's biggest competitor? It's not entirely clear, and that's a potential problem.


The Coachella aesthetic - affluent, laid-back, California, millennial – appeals to attendees and brands alike. Yet, to cultivate, control, and protect that aesthetic, Coachella has been aggressive. Just ask Whole Foods, whose upcoming concert and tasting event, "Wholechella," was rebranded as the "Pre-Fest Beer Garden." Or Diddy, whose "Combschella" is now "Combs Fest."  Goldenvoice is a dogged defender of their brand, and if you're not an official partner, you will hear from their attorneys. And it doesn't stop there. Festival performers sign a five-month radius clause that covers the entire west coast and this week, Cardi B revealed she's actually losing money on her set to pay for her show production. She's not even mad, she sees it as an investment. Such is power when a brand is strong.


New survey data shows 56% of Americans still cite AM/FM radio as their primary source of audio entertainment while driving. Streaming only accounts for 12%, which is even less than the 15% of respondents who primarily listen to CDs. CDs!! The 68% combined market share of obsolete technology is the next big, juicy target for streaming services. The challenge is creating an experience as easy as an old-fashioned car radio tuner. Auxiliary cables and Bluetooth links are complicated, require using your smartphone, and usually spell hassle. The key is getting into the dashboard - and Spotify recently announced a native integration with Cadillac that puts the service right next to the FM button. This, combined with the increasing sophistication and connectivity of newer car models, might finally make a dent in terrestrial radio's long-standing dominance.



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