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25 songs that tell us where music is going.


Yesterday, to commemorate International Women's Day, brands across the world honored women with various ads and efforts. Sure, these were good faith efforts with good creative, but they beg the response, "Ok, cool. Talk to me when you fix your wage gap." So, what are people doing about the pay discrepancy? Frances McDormand offered a solution during her Oscar acceptance speech: inclusion riders. Simple, effective, and stars like Michael B. Jordan are already requiring them in any film moving forward. But inclusion riders really only work in the film industry. What about the music industry, an industry with few traditional "employee" roles? Katie Armiger, an outspoken country singer, has partnered with Nashville lawmakers to draft HB 1984 - legislation designed to create protections and recourse for women in what is very much an old boys club. Action, not lip service.


Russ Solomon, who passed away on Sunday at 92, once lead Tower Records, a music retail empire so immense it is almost unimaginable today. Vast in its scale with 200 stores across 15 countries and dominant in its culture (where the arrogant record store employee archetype was born), Tower ruled over the music industry with its slogan, "No Music, No Life." The fall from such heights is, by definition, hard. But, with Mr. Solomon's passing, let's celebrate a bygone place and a bygone era, and remember, "all things must pass." And what a way to pass, "with a whiskey in his hand and a smart-aleck remark on his lips."


The bleeding edge of internet culture is weird, funny, scary, gross, dumb, vicious, and, occasionally, wonderful, but nearly always articulated via meme. It's also a brand new lexicon, and it occasionally seeps into the mainstream. Indeed, some brands, notably Wendy's, even utilize this lexicon to great effect. Luckily, for those of us who don't live our lives deep in a subreddit cave, there's Know Your Meme. For the past ten years, Know Your Meme has meticulously documented the entirety of internet culture with journalistic rigor. And we're here to wish them a happy birthday.



David Byrne
Gasoline And Dirty Sheets
Fresh Air
John Oliver


FKA Twigs x Spike Jonze Apple Spot
Balkrishna Doshi


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"There is no greater threat to the critics, cynics, and fearmongers than a woman who is willing to fall because she has learned how to rise."
- Brené Brown


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