Who Bit Beyoncé??

Tiffany Haddish profile sets internet off to find out who bit Beyoncé.


"All press is good press," according to the old advertising saw. The sentiment seems dated amidst a string of advertising flops, latest of which is a racist Heineken spot. The spot drew the attention of Chance The Rapper, who called out Heineken on Twitter, and the ad has since been pulled. But was this bad for Heineken? The coverage of the ad garnered way more attention and eyeballs than the ad would have on its own. Indeed, the smart take on that Pepsi-Kendall Jenner ad is that it was actually a smashing success, and Heineken's stock ticked up after the incident. There is, of course, a strong counterpoint. Just ask H&M, whose customers have all but disappeared since their ad-backlash dust-up. Their problem is so acute that they've launched a company-wide effort to increase diversity among their 100,000 workers and all-white board. Don't expect any headline-grabbing controversial ads from H&M anytime soon.


The recording and camera industries have interesting parallels. Both built robust trades on selling physical artifacts and were decimated by emerging digital technologies. Now, they’re experiencing an analog renaissance, case in point: Polaroid. Yes, Polaroid is still in business, and yes it's quite hot right now. Particularly since they've been partnering with artists and photographers to run exclusive prints and exhibitions. As it turns out, there's still a demand for analog artifacts amidst a sea of digital ephemera.


What makes eating a healthy diet so difficult? Every living species since the genesis of life has figured out the "right" way to eat. Yet we're so easily swayed by headlines, fad diets, and junk food. We make poor nutritional decisions that lead to negative health outcomes. So, here are "the exhaustively assembled, thoroughly researched, meticulously detailed answers to any and all of your dietary questions." And while we're on the topic of well-being, going out to see live music is apparently better for you than going to yoga class. So there ya go.



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Matt + Jo had hands down the best bachelor/bachelorette party last weekend.


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