Too Big For Their Breaches

"David Bowie Is" concludes its five-year tour at the Brooklyn Museum. If you missed it (or if you didn't), this interactive AR piece explores the best hits.


In The Sun Also Rises, Bill asks Mike how he went bankrupt. "Two ways," Mike said. "Gradually and then suddenly." The long-simmering malaise looming over the tech industry became acute when the NY Times broke the Cambridge Analytica Facebook data breach story. It took nearly a week for Facebook to respond as more and more salacious details emerged. There's now an open FTC investigation and calls to testify in front of Congress. "How To Quit Facebook" stories proliferated. Stock prices tumbled. Those who seek to pile-on on Facebook miss the point, however. This is the bargain we made for free, ad-supported platforms that we love to use. Throughout the 1960s, concern about the devastating effects modern technology had on the environment led to the creation of the EPA. It's time for a DPA – the Digital Protection Agency.


It's been remarkable to watch street art - as in unsanctioned, often illegal, public visual art created outside cultural art "norms" - storm the gates of the art world over the last couple of decades. Street art has been gallerized and commodified. Brands are swarming. And apparently stealing, which really blew up in H&M's face, but that's another story. Into the fray steps Roger Gastman, with an ambitious new project, Beyond The Streets. Gastman, who organized the successful Art In The Streets exhibit at MOCA, hopes to "strip away the noise," and, well, tell the story of how street art moved "beyond the streets." Beyond The Streets opens May 6 in Chinatown in LA. Marketing Factory is proud to be involved in this groundbreaking interactive exhibition. Don’t miss it!


From analog to digital, technology has always impacted the way people consume music. 13% of US households now contain at least one voice-controlled smart speaker. "What impact will that have" you ask? Well, a new white paper answers just that. Interesting takeaways: "shared listening" goes up. These speakers typically replace listening on a laptop or phone. The other thing they replace is listening on AM/FM radio, oddly enough. They also solicit casual listening - "Alexa, play music" - handing playlist control over to an algorithm. Lastly, analysts predict that by 2022, 55% of households will have one of these devices. That, surely, will leave its mark on consumption habits.



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