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Spotify's last remaining hurdle to its April 3rd public listing is a $1.6 billion (with a "b") lawsuit filed by Wixen Publishing. And buckle up, because we're diving into the arcane world of mechanical royalties and music copyright law. Ever notice that every person working in the music industry knows how to read an agreement? This is one of the reasons why. Luckily, reporter Sarah Jeong wrote this explainer, the clearest assessment we've ever read of how songwriter royalties work. After reading it, it becomes clear that the problem isn't Spotify, but rather the entire music copyright ecosystem. And the solution is legislative: The Music Modernization Act, which, shockingly, has the support of the RIAA and Napster. AND bipartisan momentum. Hell hath frozen over. Well, it still needs to pass.


Snapchat learned what a musician can do for a brand when users noticed an ad on the platform asking whether they would rather "slap Rihanna" or "punch Chris Brown." Classy. Rihanna said it best when she took to Instagram to file her complaint, “I’d love to call it ignorance but I know you ain’t that dumb!... Shame on you.” Snapchat removed the ad and blocked the advertiser. A spokesperson for Snapchat described the ad as "disgusting," and apologized for "allowing it through our review process." The "review process" in question presumably meaning, "did the credit card charge go through on the ad buy?" This points to a broader issue; there is zero editorial oversight for advertising on social media platforms because companies don't want to spend money on content moderators. This snafu cost Snapchat 4% of its market cap, so perhaps they'll reconsider.


Platform editorial oversight isn't just an ad problem either. Researchers studying YouTube's recommendation algorithm discovered a tendency to drift toward extremism. So much so, in fact, that "YouTube may be one of the most powerful radicalizing instruments of the 21st century." In response, YouTube announced that it will start to include links to Wikipedia below conspiracy theory videos. That's Wikipedia, one of the Great Wonders of Web, operated and maintained by *unpaid* editorial contributors. This is just one sliver of a greater reckoning over "time well spent." Or, these algorithms designed to capture maximum attention may have unforeseen, and significant, secondary consequences.



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