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Ticketmaster's latest salvo against scalpers is their "Verified Fan" program. How does it work? Some fans are still trying to find out. Ostensibly, fans register in advance of on sale dates, an algorithm sorts out suspected bots and resellers, and fans are sent a code used to purchase a ticket. Layered on top of this is an option called "boosting," used most notably by Taylor Swift. Boosting prioritizes access to the best tickets for verified fans according to "engagement metrics," which include: buying Ms. Swift's record and merch, watching her music videos, and interacting with sponsors. This has led to quite a bit of consternation from fans, but it appears to be effective. Ticketmaster says 95% of tickets purchased via the program are not resold. Your move, scalpers.


Elon Musk sure knows how to create a spectacle. We all knew well in advance that this week’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy test launch would feature a cherry red Tesla Roadster. And yet... when the fairings separated, and the live stream cut to the car in orbit, with that spacesuit sitting in the driver's seat and "Life On Mars" blasting... it was glorious! And it was an effective way to turn an otherwise ho-hum test launch (with ballast payload) into a timeless marketing spectacle for Musk's two prestige brands.


This week we're taking a break from bashing Silicon Valley to pat Facebook on the back for notable developments on a notably difficult front: content moderation. Facebook now has 7,500 content moderators spanning the globe. For reference, that's more than Twitter (3,200) and Snapchat's (2,600) combined total staff. And it's incredibly hard work. Every two weeks, standards are revised and added, every country and language requires specific standards, and it's highly subjective. In other words, it's not a problem with an engineering solution. But it is a problem that Facebook seems to be taking seriously.



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