Fake Followers From Fraudulent Firms

Recording Academy CEO Neil Portnow thinks women need to "step up" if they want to win more Grammys. "Step down," was the collective response.


After the NY Times bombshell report unveiling "a vast trade in fake followers and fraudulent engagement," social networks have been purging millions of fake accounts. Why did The Times report finally spur action by the tech companies? After all, the practice of purchasing social media followers has been an open secret since the beginning of the so-called influencer economy. So maybe it's not the purchasing that's the scandal, but the followers. Take, for example, @lwanttobejes, a bot account sold by Devumi, the firm at the center of the investigation. If it looks like a real account of a 19-yr old college student, that's because it has the same photo, name, and bio of a real 19-yr old college student. The difference between person and bot is one letter in the username. This sort of low-grade identity theft is happening on a massive scale. Here's how to check if you have a doppelganger bot peddling fraudulent engagement.


Last week we poked a little fun at Super Bowl ad hype, but this Amazon spot for Alexa is straight up great. It features stars like Anthony Hopkins and Gordon Ramsey filling in for an Alexa who has lost her voice. But of all the would-be voice assistants, Cardi B is by far the best. Why can't Cardi B be the actual voice for Alexa? Mr. Bezos, if you're reading this, get in touch. We've got a great idea for a brand partnership.


It's hard to get good customer satisfaction research. Have you ever even filled out a customer survey? Data skews towards customers who have 20 minutes to spare to fill out a long list of polling questions. Ditto for focus groups - who even signs up to participate in a focus group? And then there's the internet's "grade-inflation problem," where the average rating aggregate is a whopping 4.3 out of 5 stars. Into this steps a simple solution: a terminal with four plastic buttons, smiley face, kinda smiley face, kinda frowny face and frowny face. What these devices lack in depth they more than make up for in sheer volume of data. Even better? The data gets delivered in real-time.



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