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So, we had a great report poking holes in the value of influencers ready to go out the door today and we threw it in the trash. Why? Because Kylie Jenner - influencer patient zero - rather innocuously tweeted, "soo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore?" By the end of the day, Snap Inc. share prices were off 6%, erasing $1.5 billion of market cap. Okay, so influencers can definitely move the needle on brand value. Maybe too much so... Imagine a scenario where someone, say, Rob Kardashian, decides he wants to short Snap Inc. stock. Better yet, imagine a scenario where Twitter wants to knock a competitor down a few notches, so they hire an influencer to post some #branded content about that competitor. The logical conclusion is a more wholistic influencer campaign for brands - #branded content for you, #branded oppo for your competitors. On season five of Black Mirror…


Shaun White, fresh off his triumphant come from behind gold medal win in Pyeongchang, returns home to a fun challenge: Air + Style, a music and sports festival coming up March 3-4 at Exposition Park in LA. So what, he’s a figurehead attached to the festival? No, it's HIS festival. He's the producer. Those of you reading who know festivals realize how damn hard it is to create a distinctive edge: booking talent, finding sponsors, selling tickets, not to mention building a site to host 25+ bands, a skatepark, a snowboard park, and accommodation for 45k attendees. Sure the Olympics are competitive. Just not as competitive as the US music festival market. That it's expanding into new markets and countries is a win that even Mr. White can be proud of.


In the wake of last week’s mass murder in Parkland, Florida, we braced for the all too frequent routine of horror, thoughts and prayers, calls for action, and inaction… but this time, something different happened. First, the survivors of the shooting demanded answers. They did so loudly, and without the euphemistic lexicon that previously described the debate. The students' argument(s) proved quite persuasive, so opponents moved to attack the students rather than their point. A whole galaxy of conspiracy theories emerged and shot to the top of YouTube / Facebook / etc. This tactic relies on a superior understanding of social information dissemination. It runs into a snag, however, when deployed against the ultimate digital natives - high schoolers. Thus far, they've 1. blown up every myth in real-time 2. gleefully dunked on prominent critics and 3. called to task every political and social structure that's failed them - all in their own language, all of it going viral. Is it enough to break the cycle we've come to accept as the status quo? Sure looks like it.



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