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Ad-Rock and Mike D spent the past four years working on the Beastie Boys Book, a massive and entertaining memoir of their career, and tribute to Adam Yauch.


With the exception of a few big stars, little is known about how money makes its way to musicians. What is financial life like for professional musicians, and what can they expect from their work? A new project, Life Of A Song, aims to answer that question through Imogen Heap’s relatively successful single, 'Hide And Seek.' The project traces every dollar generated, each revenue source, each entity in the distribution chain, and the contracts and rules governing each party. It’s clear, open-sourced, and the first of its kind. It’s a useful tool to better understand how money flows in the biz. Check it out.


Brands are on track to spend $24 billion on North American sponsorships in 2018, with music representing the fastest-growing segment in the space. Yet, some brands are still hesitant to enter the space due to some common misconceptions. The biggest misconception is that music partnerships are too expensive. Artist deals may be complicated, yes, but that doesn't mean that they're necessarily expensive. In fact, a deal executed well can reap a huge ROI regardless of spend. Read about more misconceptions here.


By all accounts, Netflix is a smashing success. In little more than a decade, the company moved from a DVD mail rental company to the largest streaming entertainment platform in the world, with 137 million global subscribers. Behind that success lies an unconventional culture according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal. Known internally as "sunshining," the company culture most values radical transparency and candor. Employees, more than 5,000 full-time, are trusted to use their discretion and make decisions on everything from vacations to expenses to handling sensitive information. Blunt and direct feedback is encouraged daily. Employees are regularly subject to the "keeper test," where managers ask themselves if they'd fight to keep an employee. Some find it anxiety and fear inducing. Many find it refreshing, especially when they see it applied rigorously to top executives. It may not be the easiest corporate culture to work in, but it's hard to argue against more transparency. Or, for that matter, Netflix's insanely successful track record.



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Client and founder friends, Paige Mykoskie, Aviator Nation, with Rob Tonkin, Marketing Factory, at the opening of AN's new amazing retail store in Austin, TX!


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