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Case Study:
Honda Rebel x Aviator Nation


Honda Rebel x Aviator Nation

When Honda Powersports decided to target millennials – the next big buyers of motorcycles – they decided the best way to reach them was to blend these two images together through a collaboration with Aviator Nation.

Aviator Nation is a California lifestyle brand founded by Paige Mycoskie. With hand-made, distressed hoodies and sweatpants as their core products, their fashion beckons millennials who have a deep desire to differentiate themselves from previous generations.

When Aviator Nation opened its first retail store, music became a large part of its culture. Mycoskie started hosting free concerts on the store’s patio, bringing together her two passions.

Honda and Aviator Nation decided the best spot for this intersection of motorcycles, the carefree lifestyle, and music was Austin, Texas, with its famous music festivals – SXSW (South by Southwest) and ACL (Austin City Limits).


Honda Rebel x Aviator Nation
Waterloo Records SXSW Day Parties


The Honda Rebel + Aviator Nation collaboration was announced to the world at the Waterloo Records Day Parties at SXSW 2017. A Honda Rebel was prominently displayed next to the main stage where the artists could interact with it during their performances. Many of the singers “rode the bike” while performing.

“It’s really exciting debuting the Honda Aviator Rebel at the Waterloo Records Day parties at SXSW,” Mycoskie said. “It’s an environment that’s all about music. I think it’s the perfect place to showcase the new bike because you have this carefree energy. People are there discovering new artists, so there’s a sense of adventure.”

Said Jessie Johnson, marketing and event director for Waterloo Records, “It’s all about the lifestyle, the feel, freedom.”



Honda Rebel x Aviator Nation
ACL Music Festival


Honda Rebel + Aviator Nation custom-designed gear – such as hoodies, hats, t-shirts, and tank tops – was created exclusively for the festivals. Each piece featured the Honda vintage logo and trademark Aviator Nation style – natural stitching, worn-in feel, and vintage essence. They were available at the merchandise tents at the festivals, Honda motorcycle dealerships, Aviator Nation flagship stores, and on the ACL, Waterloo Records, and Aviator Nation websites.


To generate excitement for the launch of the new Honda Rebel + Aviator Nation limited edition cruiser, HPS and AN released a series of videos on social media surrounding the announcement.


HPS and AN also ran a national sweepstakes for two grand prizes that included a Honda Rebel + Aviator Nation limited edition cruiser and a $1,000 Aviator Nation gift card.