Marketing Factory

Connecting Brands and Bands

We are an award-winning agency at the intersection of music, brands, experiences and the digital space.We help brands create strategic partnerships, leveraging the power of music to create long-lasting relationships with music enthusiasts.


Founder + CEO 

Music lover and seeker / Founded Marketing Factory in 1999 / Favorite song is "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young / Any day is a perfect day to surf / Got lost in Mexico location scouting for perfect outdoor concert venue / Friends with Milo, the dog.



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VP, Finance

Loves hippos / Met husband at a reggae concert, nobody inhaled / Is a certified yoga teacher / Can touch her nose with her tongue / Got a degree in partying at UCSB / Her favorite song is "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor / Her favorite movie is "Gone with the Wind" / Her favorite saying is "Smile, someone loves you."




Evolved patron of the arts and eternal optimist / Mover, maker and shaker / The Factory's musical director seen on weekends as a DJ / Fav song: anything by Snoop Dogg or Led Zeppelin / Quote: "If not you, then who? If not now, then when?" / Wishes people had a brightness setting / Has an insatiable curiosity / Prefers hugs over handshakes and she absolutely loves cheese / Work history with The Doors and Michael Jackson estates / Always repping the LBC.


Digital + Social Coordinator

Marketing and music nerd / Skilled multi-tasker, having in college balanced five jobs at one time / Can craft the perfect playlist for any occasion / Korean BBQ lover / Serious "Walking Dead" fan / Lives by: Do more of what makes you happy.



Associate Producer

Unassuming badass and Artist Manager retiree / Favorite band changes hourly / Marathon runner in training and likely ordering thai food for dinner tonight / "Go for it."



Production Design + Management

Has produced, managed and/or designed over 3000 private and public entertainment events / Quote: "Do what you love, love what you do, deliver more than you promise" / On-field Pre-Game Entertainment Production Manager on four NFL Super Bowls / Always answers the question, "How are you?" with "Livin' the dream!"




Creative multi-faceted entrepreneur / Print designer for over 20 years / Surfing is source of sanity / Musical inspirations as a youth: Devo, Deep Purple / Has a surprisingly big appetite.




Believes in doing nothing, which he says is everything / Seeks answers, often times food / Likes the concept of walking / Seems to be averse to names beginning with G / Has been known to speak, likes the word "rough" / Likes the smell of corners / Paid in treats, says this validates the do-nothing concept / Soothed by music.


VP, Operations

Knows what music will make you happy / Has worked with over 1000 acts / Hooked on Etta James and Flying Lotus / Co-wrote a chorus on the lead single of a platinum punk rock album / Gave up a career as an orchestral harpist in order to book DJs / Secretly addicted to cooking and helping her son build school projects from scratch / Featured on "Last Call with Carson Daly" to honor her music talent buying success.




Appeases executives / Lives by Hunter S. Thompson - "Buy the ticket, take the ride" / Got to interview her spirit animal Snoop Dogg (still high) / Owner of Animal, a very special mini-golden / Wants to be Tina Fey / Favorite song is "The Thong Song" by Sisqo / Can raise and wiggle her eyebrows independently.



Staff Accountant

Lover of accuracy, organization and details / Was hooked on accounting after her very first class / Culinary school grad / Fave artist: A Day to Remember / Once owned two snakes and a chameleon / "Sink or swim, you gotta give it a whirl."





A decade and a half of solo computer wrangling with hammers and lighter fluid / Loves working with clients to make things more productive / Favorite musician is a tie between Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix / Enjoys a nice motorcycle ride / Works to fund solo trips to explore the most remote places possible in the desert / Been in LA for 22 years.



Makes ideas with pixels and paper / Has a secret camp spot in the middle of the Mojave desert / Loves listening to the pledge drives on KJAZZ and KCRW / Favorite Saying: "The simpler you can make something, the more universal it becomes" / Has an Emmy for the documentary Art&Copy / Can write a bad song in a minute.


SVP, Brand Partnerships

Infinitely inquisitive / Works hard to avoid being called a workaholic / Translated Doors songs into Spanish in Jr. High for no good reason / Helped 6-year-old son raise over a million dollars to cure a rare disease / Strange obsession with taking pictures of dogs in moving cars / Lives by motto, “If it ain't broke, make it better.”


Creative Director + Producer

Entrepreneurially skilled strategist / Creatively develops, commands and controls activations / Represents Marketing Factory in the NYC region / Knows how to empower designated personnel to exercise and accomplish client missions and tasks / Shameless shill for CRAP Eyewear.



Digital + Social Producer

Digital strategist + overall internet addict / Several years experience in digital and integrated marketing / Favorite artists: Amy Winehouse and Stevie Nicks / Has mastered the art of multitasking / Quote: Live every day like it's Taco Tuesday. 





Associate Producer

Previously found surrounded by fest wristbands and RFID scanners / Favorite band depends on current mood / Loves going on adventures with her favorites / Considers wine and cheese a complete meal / Enjoys witnessing a celebratory high kick or jig / Favorite quote: "When there's teamwork, it doesn't seem like work!




Counts on both hands and toes / Owned a cooking school / Has dined with both Prince Charles and Bill Clinton, seperately / Was married to Richard Dreyfuss, yes the actor / Favorite saying: "Be kind, not right."




Surf And Facilities

Can track and memorize asset inventory numbers faster than a hyperloop / Oversees movements and transfers of goods / BBQ master / Has taught at least five staff members to surf / Ordered a pizza in his calculus class at Venice High as an inspiration to Sean Penn's "Spicoli" in Fast Times / Usher and guard extraordinaire / Has spent more nights at The Fabulous Forum than all staff combined.